Gotta Dance Nutcracker

Over fourteen years ago in 2001, Gotta Dance began a dynamic partnership with Raritan Valley Community College, who, as a result, proudly presents the Moscow Ballet’s The Great Russian Nutcracker every holiday season. Moscow Ballet is an international ballet company that travels around the world taking part in a variety of productions. Every year this professional company tours with the treasured holiday production, Great Russian Nutcracker.

When the Moscow Ballet performs at Raritan Valley Community College, Gotta Dance students have an exclusive opportunity to audition for the 110 available children and teen roles. Auditions are held each year in late September. Dancers then rehearse from October to December, perfecting the choreography for performance. Students are cast in such roles as butterflies, mice, snow princesses, and even as children in the renowned party scene. 2018 auditions will be held on Sunday, September 30th. Please view audition times on right to get a sense of last year’s rehearsal schedule. 2017 rehearsals are posted in 2017 contract below.


About Gotta Dance Nutcracker

The Nutcracker tells the tale of toys that come to life on Christmas Eve set to the iconic music composed by Peter Tchaikovsky. The recognizable story and music excite all of the participating dancers. The range of characters presented within the story allows for a wide age range to audition and perform. Some of the youngest dancers are in 2nd grade while the oldest are in their last years of high school. Most noteworthy, students love the opportunity to work and learn together in this thrilling environment outside of class.

It is most noteworthy that working with the Moscow Ballet gives dancers a unique opportunity to perform advanced choreography. Through this exposure to seasoned professionals, dancers also learn how to perform with joy and technical precision outside of the traditional dance studio. For many Gotta Dance students, as a result, this is the first time they have the opportunity to perform in a full-length ballet. This often inspires a lifelong passion for dance while building confidence and ballet technique. Moscow Ballet has continuously recognized the skill and precision of Gotta Dance students and they are featured in the promotional DVD of the show. This video circulates around the country and is shown wherever the Moscow Ballet performs.

Nutcracker Audition Form! – Please bring with you to audition!

Practice Material for Nutcracker Auditions

2017 Nutcracker Dance Ensemble Contract

Camisole Picture, Child Camisole Sizes, Adult Camisole Size

Did you know you might be eligible to audition for more than one time slot?
See Below for what you qualify for:


TOPAZ BALLET- Eligible for Snowflakes and Sled Girls, for heights 3’10”-4’7″

AMETHYST BALLET- Eligible for Snowflakes and Sled Girls, for heights 3’10”-4’7″

OPAL BALLET- Eligible for Snowflakes for heights 3’10”-4’7″
Mice 4’7″-5’3″
Snow Maidens 4’7″-5’7″
Party 4’7″-5’0″
Pages 4’3″-4’11”

AQUA BALLET- Eligible for Snowflakes for heights 3’10”-4’7″
Mice 4’7″-5’3″
Snow Maidens 4’7″-5’7″
Party 4’7″-5’0″
Pages 4’3″-4’11”

PEARL BALLET- Eligible for Snow Maidens 4’7″-5’7″
Party 4’7″-5’0″
Pages 4’3″-4’11”
Mice 4’7″-5’3″

PERIDOT BALLET- Eligible for Snow Maidens 4’7″-5’7″
Party 4’7″-5’0″
Pages 4’3″-4’11”
Mice 4’7″-5’3″

CITRINE BALLET- Snow Maidens 4’7″-5’7″
Party 4’7″-5’0″

RUBY BALLET- Act II Variations (pointe roles) Spanish, Chinese, Russian (character), Snow Princesses
Snow Maidens 4’7″-5’7″
Party 4’7″-5’0″

SAPPHIRE BALLET AND UP- Act II Variations, Snow Maidens




BROADWAY GRADES 4-7- Mice 4’7″-5’3″

MODERN GRADES 4-7- Mice 4’7″-5’3″

We have implemented a placement policy for Immortal Dance Force
Please remember that dancers must participate in either Nutcracker, Dynamite, Edge, or Showstoppers to be eligible for Immortal Dance Force.

Your score from the upcoming Company Auditions on January 6th at Pingry will place you in either ballet, tap, jazz contemporary, or hiphop Immortal groups. Please Note: In rare cases, while a dancer’s score may be high enough for acceptance into Gotta Dance Companies, but may not be high enough in his/her age group to qualify for the particular subject in Immortal Dance Force.

To those who performed in the Nutcracker 2017: Your audition score and placement in the Moscow Ballet’s Nutcracker makes you eligible for placement and participation in Immortal Ballet for the 2017 season.

2018 Nutcracker Auditions:

Auditions Sunday, September 30th at Raritan Valley Community College


3:00-4:00 Snowflakes & Sled Girls
4:00-5:00 Mice
5:30-6:30 Snow Princess & Act II Variations
6:30-7:45 Party Scene & Act II Pages
7:45-8:30 Snow Maidens

Login to your portal
Click Enroll
Choose “Nutcracker 18” under “Session”

Please Note: Dancers may register for more than ONE audition time slot

On the registration form that you bring on audition day (audition form on Gotta Dance Nutracker Page), you should check off all roles you are auditioning for. You will be considered only if you meet the height/level/costume requirements.

Nutcracker Height Requirements
Below is a list of the approximate height requirements for each Nutcracker role that Miss Anna will be casting on audition day! Please note that these are guidelines and sometimes the audition director may cast outside of these guidelines for outstanding technique and artistry. All casting decisions are solely made by the audition director.

3:00-4:00 Dancers currently enrolled in Topaz-Aqua Ballet.

Sizes children’s 5-10 and heights 3’10-4’6

*Casting for Snowflakes and Sled Girls
**Please note that Sled Girls are an unrehearsed part, details upon selection

4:00-5:00 Dancers currently enrolled in Opal-Peridot Ballet, Opal-Peridot Jazz, Broadway and Modern students in grades 4-7

Sizes childrens 7-16 and heights 4’7-5’1

*Casting for Mice

5:30-6:30 Dancers currently enrolled in Ruby Ballet and up

Sizes children’s 12 and up and heights 4’10-5’8

*Casting for Snow Princesses (Pointe) and Act II Variations- Spanish (Pointe), Chinese (Pointe), Russian (Pointe or Character), and Arabian (Pointe or Flat). (Pointe required)

6:30-7:45 Dancers currently enrolled in Opal-Ruby Ballet

Sizes childrens 7-14 and Heights 4’3-5’0

*Casting for Party Scene and Act II Pages (Spanish, Chinese, Russian, French)

7:45-8:30 Dancers currently enrolled in Opal Ballet and up

Height 4’7 and up

*Casting for Snow Maidens