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The Dynamite Dance Team

Founded over ten years ago, the Dynamite Dance Team is a performance group dedicated to community outreach and fundraising. The Dynamite Dance team consists of 150 dancers ages 8 to 10. Gotta Dance students enrolled in Amethyst through Aqua levels audition for the team in January. The wide breadth of participant ages help to build a strong sense of camaraderie among dancers. 

The Dynamite Dance Teams Perform At Exciting Locations

Each year the team participates in exciting events and performance opportunities. Two years ago the team performed at the NJ Festival of Ballooning in Branchburg, NJ and at the Somerset Patriots Stadium in Somerset, NJ. In past years they have graced stages at The Turtle Back Zoo, Medieval Times, Hershey Park, Ellis Island, the USS Intrepid, and the Statue of Liberty. By participating in larger events the team reaches even bigger audiences across the Tri-State Area.


Dynamite Dance Team Contract 2017

Dynamite Dance Team will perform at Dorney Park for both July and August Sessions!

JULY 2017 DYNAMITE (Basking Ridge): Sunday, July 9th through Saturday, July 15th. Performance on Saturday, July 15th at Dorney Park!

AUGUST 2017 DYNAMITE (Branchburg): Sunday, August 13th through Saturday, August 19th. Performance on Saturday, August 19th at Dorney Park!

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July Dynamite Q&A's:
When is July Dynamite?

Sunday, July 9th through Saturday July 15th!  

Where are we performing?
Our final performance at Dorney Park!
How do we purchase July Dorney Park Tickets for Dynamite?
Gotta Dance will provide a Dorney Park ticket to each dancer participating in Dynamite.
Additional tickets (not including the dancers’ ticket) can now be purchased through Gotta Dance on your family portal for $31.50 (a special group rate just for Gotta Dance!) Children under 3 years old enter free. Under “Enroll”, please set the Category 3 to “Dynamite Dorney Tickets.”
When is deadline to register for July tickets?
The deadline to register for additional Dynamite Tickets is Friday June 30th by midnight. After that date, tickets must be purchased at the door at the theme park at general admission pricing $41/ticket.
When do we get our July tickets?
Extra tickets ordered through Gotta Dance will be handed out to your dancer during Dynamite Week.
How do we order our complimentary July Dynamite Tank Tops?
All Dynamite Dancers receive a complimentary tank with their Dynamite registration. Please sign up for your correct tank size through your portal by setting Session to “Dynamite 17”
When is the deadline to order our July Tank Top?
Please register for your correct size by Monday, July 3rd at midnight. Tanks do tend to run small, so if you are deciding between sizes, it might be better to go with the size up. If you do not register for a size by July 3rd at midnight, Miss Sarah will guess a size for you based on your measurements for your concert costume. There will be no exchanges of sizing.
Sizes: Child 10-12, Child 14-16, Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large, Adult XLarge