Unicorns Dance Class


Stars Dance Class

Preschool Dance Classes:

Gotta Dance's movement-based curriculum is age-appropriate and specifically designed for preschool students. We offer fun filled classes for dancers ages 2 ½ - 5 years old. We know that dance education at an early age can be a catalyst for further development. Preschoolers develop strength in their large muscle groups and discover the joy and freedom in movement. Our educators work with students to build skills such as balance, motor, and social skills. Each year, dancers build on skills learned in previous years.

New this January 2017 - New Mom Groove-Moms or Dads Plus Young Baby!
All Fitness Levels, No Experience Required, Expecting Moms Welcome

This easy-to-follow dance class is designed for new moms who are pregnant and want to stay fit throughout pregnancy and new moms and dads of young babies (ages 2 mos-12 mos) in front carrier.

Preschool Classes Specifically Designed For Each Age Group

Baby Ballet 2 1/2 year olds:

As a 2 1/2 year old, your Baby Ballet dancer is curious and blossoming every day. Dancers enter our 30 minute class independently to discover the joy and freedom in movement; improve sensory awareness, eye-body coordination, body awareness, spatial relations, and social skills. Our Dance Educators provide the respect, tenderness, warmth, and patience that allow the our youngest dancers to thrive.

Rainbows 3 year olds:

As a 3 year old, your Rainbow is glowing with achievement everyday. We want to help your child glisten during this period. Their movement and balance is improving and so are their verbal skills. This age group is known for their agility and growing gracefulness. We are teaching your children the following movements to strengthen their age appropriate developmental growth.

Unicorns 4 year olds:

Unicorns are confident, creative, and imaginative creatures. At the age of 4, your dancer possesses all of these qualities and more. With better control over their movement and a growing understanding of concepts, we are beginning to teach your dancers fundamental dance techniques. These movements combined with a lot of imagination will help dancers develop their growing dance vocabulary.

Stars 5 Years Old:

5 year olds entering Kindergarten are growing more confident day-by-day. Dancers can choose a combined Ballet/Jazz or Ballet/Tap class, based on their own preferences. Kindergarten opens your dancer up and allows them to shine like the Star they will always be. By this stage children are more confident and are beginning to move in a more mature manner. We focus on introducing and developing complex movements and dance combinations.

With cognitive and muscle memory further developed, our educators build sequential dance exercises week-to-week. Creative movement is taught and then incorporated into class dances that establish a detail to technique. You will see that your dancer's feet are more pointed, their posture straighter, and their recollection of sequential movement improving.

Performance skills are encouraged through age appropriate song choice and dynamic dance routines. The social and inquisitive nature of kindergarteners is nurtured through partner activities and expert teaching skill. The Stars class offers a fun, fit, and focused experience that completely engages the mind, heart, and body of your dancer. Stars classes are 45 minutes long and offered after school on weekdays or Saturday mornings at each of our locations.


Baby Ballet Dance Class

Preschool Observation is the last 5 minutes of class during the last class of the month!

Saturday, September 24th to Friday, September 30th
Tuesday, October 25th to Monday, October 31st
Thursday, November 17th to Wednesday, November 23rd
Saturday, December 12th to Friday, December 18th
Wednesday, January 25th to Tuesday, January 31st
Wednesday, February 22nd to Tuesday, February 28th
Saturday, March 25th to Friday, March 31st
Saturday, April 22nd to Friday, April 28th
Thursday, May 25th to Wednesday, May 31st