Singing during Gotta Dance's Broadway Class


Reading Lines At A Broadway Class


Our Broadway classes combine singing, acting, and movement into an exciting, high-energy class. The students will be exposed to many different styles of musical theatre throughout the year. This class offers students the opportunity to sing and move to their favorite Broadway songs as well as participate in acting activities.

Our Broadway Dance Classes Are Robust

Broadway Dance Classes At Gotta Dance

To get started each week, the Broadway classes start with physical warm-ups to get energized and vocal warm-ups to explore vocal technique. After the warm-ups, students learn choreography and lyrics to songs from famous Broadway musicals.

Following the musical theatre piece, students have the opportunity to explore the many styles of acting through activities such as improvisation, pantomime, and scripted scenes. Focus is directed towards creating a character and improving stage presence.

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Learning To Dance In The Broadway Class

Broadway Monologue & Music

for Company Auditions on January 7th

  1. All actors auditioning are required to prepare the monologue they’re learning in class. See below.
  2. Singers can choose between the songs below to perform at the audition OR may perform a song of their choosing.

Broadway Monologues &
Songs by Class Level

Broadway Level 1 (Grades 1-2 & 1-3): No Monologue:

Broadway Level 1 Song: "Bigger Isn't Better"

  1. Music Only (Singing begins at 0:08 seconds)
  2. Lyrics Only

Broadway Level 2 (Grades 3-4)
Monologue: "A Waste of a Perfectly Good Jelly Bean"
Broadway Level 2 Song: "I'm a Brass Band"

  1. Music Only (Singing begins at 0:04 seconds)
  2. Lyrics Only

Broadway Level 3 (Grades 5-7) Monologue: "Charlie Brown"
Broadway Level 3 Song: "Pulled in a New Direction"

  1. Music Only (Singing begins at 0:03 seconds)
  2. Lyrics Only

Broadway Level 4 (Grades 8+) Monologue: "Ann Frank"
Broadway Level 4 Song: "Don't Stop Believing"

  1. Music Only (Singing begins at 0:09 seconds)
  2. Lyrics Only

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