Dance Studio Syllabus for the Tiny Dancers of Central Jersey

Since the inception of Gotta Dance in 1989, our educators have been committed to providing a comprehensive, structured catalog of skills for each level and every dance genre taught. Syllabi progresses upon eachother in a pyramid fashion, leaving no gaps in the dancer’s education. Dance Educators teach the syllabi in their entirety, naturally incorporating skills into every aspect of classwork. Each of Gotta Dance’s 14 levels, running from Garnet to Diamond, are taught a standardized and developmentally appropriate set of movements.

The syllabus is incorporated into warm ups and back to school, holiday, and concert dances. The syllabus is an integral part of our teaching method. Each step is taught through repetition with traveling across the floor exercises and engaging educational games. We recognize that each dancer learns in a different way, and our teachers will utilize audial, visual, and demonstrative cues to reach every student.

Each year we offer dancers the opportunity to test their skills in our optional annual syllabus exam. During this exam dancers display their technique for a panel of judges and are ranked on technical and performance ability. This gives dancers the opportunity to master their class’s syllabus while gaining confidence and pose. Students who score 80% on this exam are congratulated with a trophy. Gotta Dance also awards the highest scorer of each year end concert with a High Syllabus award.

We are committed to the success of every dancer. If a dancer should not pass their syllabus exam, we will provide the student free private dance lessons. This lesson help make improvement for a re-test and allow students to receive their syllabus trophy with the rest of their class.

Our preschool classes are also taught according to a syllabus based on developmental growth markers. This syllabus does not have an examination, but provides our youngest dancer with essential movement skills. This training will not only help as they grow into dance, but with other motor based activities.