Scheduling private dance lessons with Gotta Dance

We really appreciate your interest in taking private dance lessons with us! Whether you’ve never danced seriously before or are an aspiring professional who’s about to audition for a performing arts program, we’re excited about teaching you and have the expertise to turn you into a better dancer. As long as you’re serious about improving yourself as a dancer, our dance educators can help bring out your full potential.


Blending Technique, Musicality and Expressiveness


Dance is the only art form that incorporates the whole self. It can demand the entirety of your body’s capacity for motion and it involves a great deal of brainpower: you’ll learn to follow the music, move your body in time with it, express yourself through the motion of your body, and follow predetermined choreographies. Whether you’d rather dance solo or as part of an ensemble, individual attention from an experience instructor can make techniques that once seemed impossible become second nature.


We offer group classes and individual private lessons in a wide variety of dance styles – if you’re at all interested in dancing, you’ll find something for you! – including dance styles ranging from tap, jazz, ballet, ballroom, contemporary and hip hop.


Private Dance Lessons with Gotta Dance


We offer a variety of different lesson plans that make scheduling private lessons convenient for you. You can either schedule an individual lesson on a one-by-one basis, or in packages of six lessons each. Please be aware that a private lesson must be paid for in full before it can be scheduled.


Individual Private Lessons (Price each)

30 minutes: $60.00
45 minutes: $85.00
60 minutes: $110.00
90 minutes: $155.00

Package of 6 Lessons (Must be paid in full)

30 minutes: $324.00
45 minutes: $459.00
60 minutes: $594.00
90 minutes: $837.00

Arranging a private dance lesson couldn’t be easier – all you have to do is contact us by phone or fill out our quick contact form! Before you know it, you’ll be moving along with the music like a natural. If you’re still unsure about whether you’re truly interested in committing to some private dance lessons, you can even sign up for a trial (group) class to see if you’d like to learn more.

Private Lessons Application