Ballet, Point, Partnering

Ballet, Point, Partnering

Ballet, Point, Partnering Grace



Ballet, Pointe, Partnering:

People know Ballet, Pointe, Partnering as the foundation for any discipline of dance. From our youngest dancers to our eldest ones, Gotta Dance stresses, in short,  the importance of partaking in the study of ballet. We import grace, elegance and poise to all dancers who choose to explore this gracious form of movement. Above all, educators at Gotta Dance work on improving the technique of students to improve strength, coordination, flexibility and movement fluidity.

The Importance Of Ballet Barre Exercises

Drawing from classical tradition, our ballet classes begin with barre exercises. This work helps to develop a dancer’s movement vocabulary and technical toolbox. We bring these moments to life through dynamic center and across the floor work.

Classes For Both The Recreational And Dedicated Ballet Student

We design ballet classes at Gotta Dance to be enjoyed both by the recreational and dedicated student. For students looking to take just one class a week, ballet offers a challenging, yet fun environment to learn and participate in this classical art form. Dedicated students feel encouraged to take more than one ballet class to realize their potential through the reinforcement of classical technique. For the young student looking forward to eventually dancing on Pointe, continued ballet study is the essential prerequisite. Only dancers who have progressed successfully through the Gotta Dance ballet syllabus are permitted through teacher recommendation to take pointe classes.


Pointe is the pinnacle and most recognizable feature of ballet performance. This style of dance requires a special shoe allowing dancers to dance on the ‘pointe’ of their toe. Due to the technical and difficult nature of this form, it is only recommended for ballet dancers who display passion and commitment towards technical mastery.

Pointe classes are only available to upper level students taking two or more ballet classes a week. A ballet student wishing to take pointe, must secure a teacher recommendation in order to participate.


Please click here to view Gotta Dance’s Pointe Preparation Guide

Partnering/Ballet Workshop

This advanced class is only open to upper level students concurrently enrolled in other classes of this discipline. Offered only on Saturdays at our Warren Studio, this class teaches partnering, variation and company repertoire. We require a teacher recommendation to enroll in this class.