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Gotta Dance in Central Jersey

Dance Classes Offered

Located in the heart of New Jersey, Gotta Dance offers dance classes in ballet, tap, hip-hop/jazz, street hiphop, preschool, modern, contemporary, acrobatics and Broadway theater. Classes are of-fered to all ages starting at 2 1/2 to Adult. Our philosophy is to develop young dancers physical-ly, mentally and artistically. We challenge, train and inspire each dancer. Helping a dancer find the perfect rhythm of the music and making art with their own body is our passion.

Professional Dance Education

Gotta Dance Educators are a talented, diverse and experienced team committed to your dancer's education. Get to know them! Their passion and enthusiasm for the arts may just inspire you! Read their bios.

Annual Concert

Gotta Dance Dancers perform in full-costume at our large end-of-season concerts. Gotta Dance concerts are unique because they include a combination of all levels of dancers which create a professional Broadway-esque show. Concerts are directed by our esteemed Concert Director, Gabriel Chajnik a graduate of the prestigious Julliard School. Gotta Dance produces highly ar-tistic and professional concerts that wow audiences year-after-year.

We invite you to peruse our website and learn about the many dance and performance opportu-nities here at Gotta Dance. We pride ourselves on providing expert dance education in a wel-coming and friendly environment. Join us for a class and become a part of the Gotta Dance family.

Our Commitment

Gotta Dance is a collaboration of passionate educators, inspiring students to perfect their technique and perform with joy; sharing the gift of dance to encourage personal growth and foster spirited community and acknowledge the potential in everyone.